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Air Vent Duct Cover. HVAC Ceiling Diffuser 4 Way Aluminum Curved Blade Adjustible Air Supply with Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper - White- Full Control Vert./Horiz. Airflow Direction

Air Vent Duct Cover. HVAC Ceiling Diffuser 4 Way Aluminum Curved Blade Adjustible Air Supply with Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper - White- Full Control Vert./Horiz. Airflow Direction

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Color: White


  • [Sizing Guide]: Ensure accurate fit by measuring your wall or ceiling opening before ordering. For this grille, the opening should be at least 10"W x 10"H. Avoid using old grille measurements. Always start with the Width (W) followed by the Height (H). This grille comes with a front end frame designed to overlap at wall or ceiling junctions, with an overall external dimension of 11.6"W x 11.6"H.
  • [Premium Construction]: Made with Extruded aluminum ALUMINUM AA6063, this air vent cover guarantees rust-free, high-grade aluminum quality. Ensuring a sturdy, light, and effortless installation experience.
  • [4-Way Air Flow Design]: Our 4-way ceiling vent covers allow for an unparalleled airflow experience. With adjustable parallel curved blades, this diffuser offers forward, right, and left side control over the airflow. Perfect for all your vent covers for home ceiling needs.
  • [Sophisticated White Finish]: Our diffusers boast a high-resistance electrostatic white paint finish. This white powder coating finish is not just elegant but also smooth, shiny, and scratch-resistant, fitting seamlessly with any home decor.
  • [Ultimate Air Control]: Featuring a Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper, this 4 way cover ensures easy unrestricted airflow. With vertical and horizontal airflow direction controls, it's the epitome of versatility in ac vent covers ceiling.
  • [Flexible Installation]: As a CEILING supply DIFFUSER, it can be seamlessly integrated into ceilings, drop ceiling panels, or drywall. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, making it a diverse air vent cover.
  • [Optimal Airflow Direction]: The adjustable blades allow for perfect air diffusion, enabling users to close or open any of the four ways independently. If your room requires more or less airflow in one direction than the other, this diffuser has got you covered.
  • [Trusted Brand]: With more than 20 years in the US market, Laminaire products are manufactured under the stringent ASHRAE STANDARD. When you buy our products, you're investing in proven quality and reliability.
  • [Package & Installation]: Each product is individually packed in a plastic bag with corner protection to prevent shipping damage. Including galvanized steel cross head screws (5/32" diameter x 1 1/2" length) with a white-colored head, ensuring an easy installation experience.
  • [Dimensional Clarity]: The reference size matches the hole size Width x Height in Inches. The hole ceiling size dimension aligns with the neck diffuser dimension, enabling precise fitting for your 4 way ceiling vent covers.

Details: Total outer size of this grille is: 11,625" Width X 11,625" height. The ceiling diffuser with mobile blades (L-CL) is a diffuser to be installed on ceilings, drop ceiling panels or drywall. Supply air direction set to 4 way (forward, bach left and right); its mobile blades allow the user to graduate the air diffusion cone. Its use is domestic and commercial applications, it can be installed in bedrooms, meeting rooms, commercial premises, offices, corridors, and other spaces for which it is suitable. FOR INSTALLATION: 1. OPEN A HOLLOW OF THE PRODUCT NOMINAL SIZE, ON A WALL OR CEILING. 2. SET THE GRILLE INSIDE THE HOLLOW. 3. ALIGN THE PRODUCT HORIZONTALLY AND VERTICALLY TO MAINTAIN PARALLELISM WITH THE OPENING. 4. TIGHTEN WITH SUPPLIED BOLTS. Today LAMINAIRE has a large product line of grilles, diffusers and dampers for the air conditioning and ventilation applications with the best technical specifications all-aluminum that has allowed us to be leaders in the Colombia market and to reach an important coverage in the American continent and the Caribbean islands. We have successfully entered the construction industry with architectural products, offering bioclimatic solutions, with energy savings, industrial enclosures and special applications for facades. Complementing our product line, we represent and commercialize equipment and accessories brands for air conditioning and ventilation applications. All the brands with the greatest trajectory and international prestige.

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