Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



The terms “we”, “us “and “our” refers to Tile Trove. This website includes all the information. Tools and services that this site contains are conditioned upon you, i.e., the user’s acceptance of all the terms, conditions, policies and notices stated on the site.

When you visit our website or purchase anything by using our site, you engage yourself in our ‘service’. It assures that you are agreeing to be bound with the terms and conditions of this website. It also includes those additional terms, conditions and policies that are stated here and those which are available by hyperlink. All the users of the site have the same terms and conditions applied on them. All the limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants or contributors of content are included in them.

You are requested that before accessing or using our website, read Terms of Service carefully. If you are accessing or using any of the parts of the site, it means that you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service. You may not be able to access the website or use any of its services if you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of this service. If you consider these Terms of Service as an offer, your acceptance is surely limited to these terms of service.

Every new addition to the features or tools to the current store will also become subjected to the Terms of Service. The page will be updated accordingly for any current version of the Terms of Service; you can review it at any time on the page. We have a right to make any kind of update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates or changes to our website. You have to keep yourself up to date by checking this page regularly for any kind of changes. Your regular use or access to our website will keep you updated to any changes made on the page and you will be able to accept those changes as a customer.


Your age must be of majority within your state or province of residence and is represented by you by agreeing to these Terms of Service. It also represents that you are at the age of majority in your state or province of residence and you are giving us permission to allow any of your dependent to use this site.

All the software and content (including photographic images) that are available to you on or through this website will remain the property of Tile Trove its license are all protected by the copyright laws and treaties all around the world. For your personal use, you may store, print or display the content that this website supplies. As all the contents are subjected to copyright, you don’t have the permission to publish , Manu plate, distribute or reproduce any of the content or copies of the contents that is provided to you on this website . You are also not allowed to you any of the content personally, in connection to any business or commercial enterprise.

You have to make it sure that you may not make use of any of our products for any illegal purpose or in any unauthorized way. While using our services, you may not violate any term or laws in your jurisdiction (including copyright laws) as well as others.


We have a total right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and at any time.

You may clearly have in mind that your content (which does not include credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and may involve

a) Transmissions over different networks

b) Changes that is necessary to adapt for technical needs or connecting other networks or devices.

Encryption of credit card information always happens during transfer over networks.

You have to agree that you are not going to sell, copy, reproduce, duplicate resale or illegally use any service or a portion of the service, nor the use of the service or access to the service or any contact on the website. All the things that are necessary to provide you the service are legal right of the website. If you want any action against anything from them you must express a written permission by us.

All this otherwise effects of the service which are also a part of that and not to limit you to the headings used in this agreement for convenience.


There are many products or services that may have less number of quantities. They will be subjected to return or exchange only according to the return policies of our company.
Here we are making every effort to make the most accurate appearance of the items on our online stores. We make it possible that the images of the products displayed be in the best colors and shades. But we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor is displaying them in the same quality.

We are not obligated to limit or reserve the sales of our products, or of our service to any person, any specific or any jurisdiction, although we reserve the right. We are going to apply our laws and regulations on the basis of the nature of the given case; it is basically on case -by-case basis.

We also have a complete right to limit the quantities of any item or product or service we are offering. The descriptions that are being provided on the Web Store about the product to or the prices of the products may subject to change at any time without intimation, we reserve the right to update any price according to the current situation. We also reserve the right to discontinue the sale of any of our products or stop any of our services. Any offer or any product or any service that we are offering on this site is void where it is being prohibited.

The quality of any product, Services information about the products or any other arterial that is being purchased or obtained by you or any other customers will may or may not meet your expectations. We do not warrant that the errors in the service are going to be corrected in every case


If we feel the need to refuse any of your orders, we reserve a complete right for that. It is totally upon our will to take decisions about the purchases; we can limit, cancel or restrict some orders per person, per household or per order. These restrictions are applied on all the customers whether they had earlier made purchases under the same name account number or credit card number or the shipping address. We will try to contact you by any means if we need to cancel or restrict any of your orders. We may inform you through your mail, billing address or the phone number provided to us at the time of placing order. We have the right to limit or cancel the orders that appear to us to be placed by other working companies or third parties like resellers, dealers or distributors.

You need to agree with our term that you may provide us with your complete and accurate purchase details and account information for all the purchases made at our store. You also agree that you are going to provide us all the details about any change in your account and other information. It may include your credit card number berserk and their expiry dates, your email address, so that if we need to make any kind of update or transactions, we can contact you easily. You can review our return policy for more details.


In only legal ways you may link to our home page. You must use it in a fair way and make it sure that you will not , by any means , damage our reputation or take any negative advantage of it, you may not establish a link so that it may be a kind of suggestion or any form of association , approval or endorsement on our part where none exists . Any website which is not owned by you may not get a link established by you. Other than the homepage of our website, this may not make any link to, or any part of the other website. If it happens, we reserve the right to limit or cancel linking permission and we are not obliged to notify you for that


Except the places where we have already stated expressly to the contrary all persons, including the names and images of all persons, any trademark or content of third party, their services An and locations that has been featured on this website are in no way linked, associated or affiliated with Tile Trove and you are requested not to rely upon the existence of such a connection or affiliation. Trademarks or names that are featured on this website are owned by the owners of respective trademarks. The basic reason behind featuring such trademarks is that their sole purpose is to describe or identify their products and services; it is not to assert that any of such products or services are endorsed by or connected to Tile Trove.


If you give us any kind of suggestions , appreciations, submissions , proposals , plans or any other materials whether we may request you for doing so or not . Or you may use any means whether by email , contest entries , postal mail or otherwise (collectively , ‘ comments’) , we have a complete right to edit , copy , publish, distribute , translate and otherwise use them in any medium without any restriction by comments that you forward to us . We are and will be under no obligation

1) To maintain any comments in confidence ;

2) To pay any compensation for any comments;

3) To give response to any comment.

We also have a right to monitor, edit or remove content that we find unlawful, offensive threatening libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise violating any of the Terms and Conditions of the service or violating any party’s intellectual property.


You may review ore Privacy Policy here as your submission of personal information through our store is governed by our privacy policy


Any kind of services that we are providing to you or any agreement between us for the service provider will be governed by and construed completely in according with the laws of United States of America.


If the information provided on this site is not up to the mark, incomplete or current, we are not responsible. The information that is provided on this website is only for general information. You may not completely rely on that information and use only that information as the basis of your decisions. To keep yourself up to dated, you have to consult primary, more accurate, more complete or more current sources of information. If you rely only on any material provided on this website, you may be at your own risk.

Maybe some historical information is provided on this website only for your general reference, not for any current situation. We are not bound to make the update on your site, we reserve a complete right to make changes or updates or modify the contents on our own website. It is your responsibility to monitor the changes and keep yourself updated with the modifications in the content.