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Optimized HVAC Vent Cover: Premium Aluminum 1-Way Diffuser

Optimized HVAC Vent Cover: Premium Aluminum 1-Way Diffuser

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Color: White


  • [Sizing Guide]: Ensure accurate fit by measuring your wall or ceiling opening before ordering. For this grille, the opening should be at least 10W x 10"H. Avoid using old grille measurements. Always start with the Width (W) followed by the Height (H). This grille comes with a front end frame designed to overlap at wall or ceiling junctions, with an overall external dimension of 11.6"W x 11.6"H.
  • [High-Quality Construction]: Made of extruded aluminum AA6063, this vent provides rust-free high-grade aluminum, ensuring the diffuser is sturdy, light, and easy to install. Perfect as a wall air vent cover.
  • [Versatile Airflow Control]: With single deflection adjustable vertical blades, you can graduate the air dispersion to both the right and left. The Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper offers full control over vertical and horizontal airflow directions, making it a versatile air vent cover for walls.
  • [Stylish Finish]: Coated in a high-resistance electrostatic white paint finish, this vent cover ensures a powder-coat finish that's smooth, shiny, and scratch-resistant, ideal for those seeking wall heat vent covers with a polished look.
  • [Easy Installation]: All our grilles come with galvanized steel cross-head screws (5/32" diameter x 1 1/2" length) with a white color head, specially designed for wood and drywall. The screws ensure this wall vent cover fits securely.
  • [Efficient Air Dispersion]: The design allows for a 180° direction of the airflow, typically installed at the top of the wall to ensure high airflow. This wall return vent can also be fitted to the ceiling, though it's less common.
  • [Noise-Free Components]: All components of this grille are noise-free, ensuring a quiet operation when using as vent covers for wall.
  • [Secure Packaging]: To avoid damage during shipping, every grille is packed in an individual plastic bag with corner protection. Perfect for those searching for durable wall duct covers.
  • [Adaptable Blades]: These grilles come with fully adjustable blades, letting you customize the airflow as needed. For those seeking adaptable vent covers for walls, this is an ideal choice.
  • [Domestic & Commercial Use]: Suitable for bedrooms, meeting rooms, commercial premises, offices, corridors, and more, making it a versatile choice for those in search of wall air vent covers.

Details: Aluminum supply grille with multi-shutter damper (L-VM) is an air supply grille by vertical walls, air supply direction can by ajustable setting direction of its blades, allowing to change the dispersion air flow, multi shutter damper allows to have control of air flow. USE It has domestic and commercial HVAC systems, it can be installed in bedrooms, meeting rooms, commercial premises, offices, corridors, and other spaces for which it is suitable.

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